Panda Smile Design on Half Sleeve Tattoo

Panda tattoos

Animal tattoo designs that we discussed this time is panda tattoos, pandas are found in many areas China has become a symbol of various organizations or groups. Panda also has a lot of meaning for human life, some say that the panda is also represented as a symbol of balance between Yin and Yang. Some say that the panda has a symbolic meaning of good and evil. Of meaning in […]

Design Black Roses Small Tattoo Ideas

Roses Tattoos

Natural beauty embodied in the form of tattoos one of them is flower tattoo, and one of the many flower tattoo is one of the most in love is roses tattoos. Even roses tattoos design has more than 100 kinds of different designs. And the like roses tattoos is not only women, but men also love it. Do you have a rose tattoo design on your arm or have a […]

A woman wearing a henna tattoo in the shape of an anklet.

Henna Tattoos – India’s Prestige

India is the country with numerous number of religions and myths. The Indian sculptures, artwork, crafts and mementos are filled with great depths of ancient cultures and civilizations. Not only Indian tattoos are immersed with a cultural touch, but these arts also leave an essence of myths and beliefs. The Indian designs are recognized to be the highly pious and traditional designs, and are meant to represent a woman’s appreciation […]

Small Heart Design Tattoo on Finger

Heart Tattoo Designs

Heart tattoo designs are extremely popular in the tattoo world, tattoo designs are very distinctive though has gone through various modifications. Heart tattoo that was legendary since ancient times until now been believed as the best design. If talking about the design then that comes to our mind is love, but not the only meaning of this design. This design represents a lot of sense to blend a variety of […]

Design Spider web Tattoos for Men

Spider Web Tattoo Designs

Spider tattoo designs that look looks normal but inside it has a very good sense, design is widely applied in women and in men as a love symbol of power and freedom but also a symbol of rebellion itself. Many people believe that applying this design explains that everyone wants the power and the freedom to determine his own life. There is also a spider web tattoo implement this and […]

Design Pin Up Punkrock Cowgirl Cute Girly Tattoos Art

Cute Tattoo Idea for Girls

Women always think of unique ideas for tattoos and their funny, even now girls can apply it to give the impression of a beautiful and feminine. Cute tattoo ideas for girls of course with a wide selection of tattoos are cute, unique, even with designs and images varies as well. The place else could implement it in the neck, shoulder, abdomen and many others. But before applying, to think about […]