Amazing Panda Design Tattoos

Panda tattoos

Animal tattoo designs that we discussed this time is panda tattoos, pandas are found in many areas China has become a symbol of various organizations or groups. Panda also has a lot of meaning for human life, some say that the panda is also represented as a symbol of balance between Yin and Yang. Some say that the panda has a symbolic meaning of good and evil. Of meaning in […]

Design Blue Ribbon Thumb Finger Tattoo Idea

Finger Tattoo Ideas

Simple and attractive design and apply on your fingers, that’s lately become a trend in the tattoo world. The design is so much choice and with attractive colors is preferable to apply, men and women are free to be creative with finger tattoo. In any place on your body, if you see someone else applying finger tattoo on finger sure you also want to implement it. That’s a lot of […]

Feather Design Tattoos

Feather Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs with feathers this picture has an individual role in the world of tattoos, this design has a lot of men and women in love and become a trend in the tattoo world. In an ancient book mentioned that a person whose soul is reborn like a white feather that flew in the wind, these mean that the white feather is a picture that symbolizes the sanctity of life.  […]

Bloody Eye Tattoo Deisgns

Eye tattoos

Tattoo designs are very stout options, one of which is the design of the eye. Eye tattoos are so in love men and women, not only because of the stunning design but also design eye gives more meaning to those who apply. This eye tattoos design have meaning luck and hope, in the eyes of many ancient tattoos in use in ancient Egyptian tradition as a complement to worship god […]

Eagle Design New Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Designs

If we talk about animal eagle tattoo designs and in particular, will always be cool and never -ending. Eagle representing the forces of nature, the eagle can be a symbol of power and freedom alive. In the era of ancient Greece, the eagle was a pet of the god of the sun that reflects the strength and prosperity. But if you are spirited firm, hard, and always wanted freedom then […]

Amazing Japanese Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Dragon Tattoo Designs

Design dragon images that have been gathered from various sources in the world have a lot in common, differing only from most forms of design only. Animal tattoo designs and dragon tattoo especially as protector of the public believe that applying these tattoos on his body. Dragon reflect the strength and power, also symbolizes prosperity. Designs that are often used for dragon tattoo designs usually from Asia and Europe, because […]